Best Way to Clean Concrete

Concrete is a durable and affordable material for outdoor as well as indoor floors. However, as a porous material with countless tiny holes that fill with dirt, oils, and other stains over time, concrete is flooring that requires regular cleaning. As these tiny pores can fill unevenly with dirt and grime, it is very easy to spot dirty concrete floors as there will be patches of extremely dirty concrete right beside spots that are fairer in color. Cleaning your concrete flooring can make a drastic difference in the appearance of your property. Here’s how the professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs recommend cleaning your concrete.

The Essentials

The most effective and quick way to get rid of dirt, mildew, spilled paint, and other stains are to use a pressure washer. If you do not own a pressure washer, you can visit a local hardware store and rent one. Read the instructions and use them accordingly to avoid damaging the loaned property. Because pressure washers are useful for the amount of force they apply, be sure to select a pressure washer that will penetrate well. We recommend a pressure washer with a minimum of 3000 PSI (pounds per square inch) and a flow rate of 5 GPM (gallons per minute).

While pressure is great at cleaning out dirt and readily removable debris, stains will require some extra help. Spray your flooring with detergent and use a stiff brush to scrub the detergent into the concrete. Avoid brushes with metal bristles as the bristles can get caught in the pores and rust and be counterproductive to cleaning. Put on your safety goggles and gloves then turn on your pressure washer. Move the pressure washer’s wand steadily and precisely over the concrete as if you are mopping.

How to Deal with Stubborn Stains

A lot of people change their car’s oil on their driveway or in their garage, paint the outside of their property, and use all sorts of other chemicals that can lead to tough stains on their concrete floors. To get rid of stubborn stains, you will need the help of some tough chemicals. Some common household cleaners that you can use are bleach, ammonia, or a mix of flour and hydrogen peroxide. (Note: NEVER MIX BLEACH AND AMMONIA; use one or the other) Trisodium Phosphate is another readily available cleaner that you can mix with water and scrub onto stained areas.
For the toughest stains, consider muriatic acid. Muriatic acid can remove dried mortar, grout, and rust stains. As a powerful, toxic material, muriatic acid should be used with utmost caution. Be sure to wear protective goggles, gloves, and clothing. Carefully read the manufacturer’s directions for dilution and be mindful when cleaning.


Constantly cleaning concrete flooring can take a lot of time and effort. Taking preventative measures can save you money in the long term. There are a variety of concrete sealers that you can use to coat the outer layer of your concrete flooring and avoid stains in the first place. Call the professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs and ask one of our friendly staff about some concrete coating we have available. Our coating options offer stain resistance, slip resistance, and other valuable benefits.