Concrete Care Tips for The Winter

Winter weather can cause significant damage to your concrete surfaces if you don’t put measures in place to protect the surfaces against the freezing and thawing process.

At Artistic Concrete Designs, we’ve put together winter concrete care tips to help you keep your concrete surfaces in top condition during winter.

Patch Up Concrete Cracks: If your concrete surfaces have cracks, ensure they are repaired before winter sets in. The freezing and thawing process in winter weather can widen cracks on concrete slabs. If your concrete surfaces are showing signs of damage, be sure to call experienced concrete contractors in Roswell to make repairs.

Remove Snow and Ice Immediately: It’s important to clear ice and snow from concrete surfaces as soon as possible. If you don’t remove the snow and ice in a timely manner, moisture can penetrate into the slab and cause hairline cracks when the temperature dips.

Clean Your Concrete Surfaces As Needed: Cleaning your concrete surfaces will get rid of all the debris and ensure your surfaces are ready to endure the harsh winter elements. You should also keep up with the cleaning routine during winter to keep your surfaces clear of leaves, debris, mold, grime, and stains.

Do Not Use Deicing Salts: Although deicing salts may accelerate the melting of snow and ice, these salts accelerate concrete deterioration and may cause cracking of concrete. Instead of using deicing salts, simply remove snow and ice by hand using a snow shovel.

Do Not Pack Heavier Vehicles On Concrete Surfaces for Long Periods of Time: Packing heavy vehicles such as delivery trucks and garbage trucks on concrete surfaces for long periods of time can weaken and damage the surfaces. Heavy vehicles put excessive stress and weight on concrete surfaces, thereby causing deterioration and cracks.

Reseal Your Concrete Before Winter: Resealing your concrete surfaces provides a protective barrier to the surfaces, thereby preventing winter damage. It can also help to seal cracks, repel moisture, prevent fading and resist stains. If you’re in need of concrete resealing, call Artistic Concrete Designs to help you out.


Regular inspection is an important part of concrete surface maintenance, not only for the winter but also all year round. Ensure your concrete surfaces are inspected regularly by a dependable concrete contractor to pinpoint potential problems before they become costly repairs. Regular inspection also helps to extend the lifespan of your concrete surfaces.

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