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Concrete Replacement in Kennesaw, GA
Concrete Replacement in Kennesaw, GA
Concrete Replacement in Kennesaw, GA

Concrete Repair in Kennesaw, GA

Concrete is a popular material for flooring in many places ranging from driveways, car shops, and markets. With recent developments in concrete flooring such as epoxy coating, even upscale areas such as hotels and hospitals can use concrete. Despite its incredible durability though, concrete is not indestructible. It can crack, crumble, discolor, and otherwise experience damage. That is when you will wonder whether to get a concrete repair, concrete resurfacing, or concrete replacement in Kennesaw. The time-tested concrete company Artistic Concrete Designs is proud to offer these services and more. If you are not sure which to schedule, then continue reading or call Artistic Concrete Designs to consult with a courteous representative. We are even happy to arrange an on-site assessment and consultation. We are ready when you are.

Is A Repair Enough?

Curb appeal is important for homeowners who prioritize maintaining or improving the value of their property. While landscaping and painting are great ways to this end, maintaining your concrete should be high up on your list.

Concrete is an incredibly tough material that can withstand intense pressure but only for so long. Eventually you will notice your concrete crack, crumble, discolor, and otherwise damaged. If you catch the damage early on, then you might get away with a quick and affordable concrete repair in Kennesaw.

For instance, broken steps can be patched to eliminate trip and fall hazards. Small and shallow cracks are also easy to take care of with simple repairs. If the crack is less than ¼ inch wide and ½ inch deep, then a concrete repair in Kennesaw should be enough. Multiple and/or deep cracks, however, might call for a concrete replacement or concrete resurfacing in Kennesaw.

Widespread Minor Damages Call for Resurfacing

Minor cracks can be taken care of with quick repairs, but if you have got multiple cracks, then repairing each of these individually can be costly. It might be more cost-effective to have the whole area resurfaced instead. Concrete resurfacing is also great for dealing with extensive damage, discoloration, and deterioration. For instance, if you notice leaf stains, chemical stains, or deteriorated patches of concrete, then consider resurfacing the area with a layer of concrete.

In short, our concrete resurfacing in Kennesaw is a great way to make old and worn concrete look new again without replacing the whole flooring. The folks at Artistic Concrete Designs even have a host of coating and sealant products for added durability. Our products offer resistance against impact, chemical spills, and more. We also offer decorative concrete which imitates the appearance of high-end flooring such as slate, brick, wood, and more. Call Artistic Concrete Designs to learn about our many products and services.

Concrete Resurfacing in Kennesaw, GA

Concrete Replacement for Deep, Extensive Damages

Concrete repairs and resurfacing are great for shallow damages, but deep cracks and misalignments cannot be patched up with simple solutions. If your driveways, sidewalks, and concrete floors have multiple cracks that are over ¼ inch wide and ½ deep, then we might have to get started on planning your new concrete installation in Kennesaw.

The thought of having your driveway removed and starting a new driveway concrete installation might be overwhelming, but your friends at Artistic Concrete Designs are here to help.
We have invested in sophisticated and advanced tools, machinery, and products to make installations a seamless and quick process. We even provide a range of discounts, coupons, and promotional offers to make your concrete installation as affordable as possible. Explore our website to take advantage of our many opportunities or call Artistic Concrete Designs to ask about ongoing campaigns.

We Serve All Areas of Kennesaw

If you live in Kennesaw and have been searching the web for “concrete contractors near me,” then look no further. It does not matter where you live in Kennesaw. Artistic Concrete Designs is proud to serve all areas of Kennesaw. Call now to speak with a live representative and schedule your flexible appointment.

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