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Concrete Replacement in Suwanee, GA
Concrete Replacement in Suwanee, GA
Concrete Replacement in Suwanee, GA

Concrete Repair in Suwanee

Concrete is a popular flooring material due to its durability and affordability, but it is by no means indestructible. In fact, concrete can crack for a variety of reasons ranging from improper installation to sinking and shifting soil. A lot of these damages can be repaired if caught early on, but extensive and deep cracks call for a concrete replacement. Artistic Concrete Designs is proud to be a reliable concrete company for both concrete repair and concrete replacement in Suwanee, but we also offer concrete resurfacing, concrete coating, and initial concrete installation in Suwanee. Give us a call or explore our website to learn more about our products and services. Our friendly representatives and concrete contractors are ready to take your call and schedule a flexible appointment today.

Concrete Repair for Minor Damages

Curb appeal should be a priority for every homeowner looking to maintain or improve the value of their property. Landscaping and painting are crucial, but a quality driveway, patio, and stairs should be up there on the list of important features to maintain. A crumbling driveway, cracked sidewalk, and broken concrete step are aesthetically unpleasant, but they can also be unsafe.

Fortunately, you do not have to replace the whole area. Many of these minor damages can be resolved with a quick concrete repair in Suwanee. Repairing broken concrete stairs is one of our most commonly requested services here at Artistic Concrete Designs. This job is a quick way to remove serious trip and fall hazards. Coming up next in the most common repairs is a crack repair. If the crack is no more than about ¼ inch wide and ½ inch deep, then a quick concrete repair should take care of it. Multiple cracks that are wider and deeper are better off getting replaced or resurfaced.

Concrete Resurfacing for Widespread, Minor Damages

Even though concrete is tough enough to withstand great pressure, the elements as well as chemicals, oils, and paint can discolor and deteriorate your flooring. Even dropped leaves can decay on the concrete and leave unattractive stains. These stains can be serious eyesores but nowhere near as awful as rusted and crumbling concrete. You may have guessed it, but we have a solution for these blemishes as well.

Our concrete resurfacing in Suwanee is a great way to make old and tired concrete look new again without replacing all of the flooring. We even have a variety of products including coatings that improve the concrete’s resilience against impact, chemicals, and more. We can even add sealants that provide slip-resistance and minimize maintenance requirements.

Ask our courteous representatives about our decorative concrete options as well. We have a host of products that can make your concrete look like high-end flooring such as slate, brick, and wood.

Concrete Resurfacing in Suwanee, GA

Extensive, Deep Damages Call for A Replacement

Concrete resurfacing in Suwanee is a great way to deal with, well, surface damages. But if damages are extensive and deep, then resurfacing is like putting a bandage on a broken bone. For extensive and deep damages, you are likely going to need a fresh concrete installation in Suwanee. This is especially true if the concrete in question plays a role in the building’s foundation.

The scope of such a project might seem intimidating as it does take a good amount of time and labor, but don’t let this deter you. Artistic Concrete Designs has invested heavily in many sophisticated tools, equipment, and machinery to get the job done quickly. We also have a host of discounts, coupons, and promotional offers to make your foundation, patio, flooring, or driveway concrete installation as affordable as possible.

Serving All Areas of Suwanee

If you have been searching the web for “concrete contractors near me” and you live in any area of Suwanee, then look no further. Artistic Concrete Designs is proud to offer concrete repair, resurfacing, replacement, and installation services in all areas of Suwanee. Call now to speak with a live representative and schedule your flexible appointment.

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