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Concrete Replacement in Woodstock, GA
Concrete Replacement in Woodstock, GA
Concrete Replacement in Woodstock, GA

Concrete Resurfacing in Woodstock

There are many reasons why homeowners, property owners, and builders choose concrete for a significant portion of their building and surrounding areas. Concrete is affordable, versatile, and incredibly durable, with a concrete driveway installation lasting up to 30 years. As tough as concrete is, it is by no means indestructible. Uneven settling, harsh weather, chemicals, and impact can damage the concrete, making it look more like a liability than an asset. Fortunately, a quick concrete repair in Woodstock can have your concrete looking as good as new. If that’s not enough, then consider a concrete resurfacing for more extensive damage or a concrete replacement for deep damages. In any case, a reputable concrete company like Artistic Concrete Designs can help. Call Artistic Concrete Designs to speak with a representative and schedule a flexible appointment today.

Common Causes of Concrete Damage

There are many threats to your concrete, starting from the installation process to near the end of its lifespan. Many of these threats can be eliminated or moderated, but a number of them are out of our control. Still, it helps to know the common causes of concrete damage so that you can prepare accordingly.

  • Corrosion of Embedded Metals: Steel and other embedded metals can rust and corrode. Because rust takes up more space than steel, the resulting expansion stresses the concrete and causes cracking, delamination, and spalling.
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycles: When water or moisture freezes, it expands up to ten percent, putting pressure on capillaries and pores of the concrete. The freezing and thawing cycles can eventually cause significant cracking, scaling, and crumbling of the concrete.
  • Chemicals: Acids, salts, alkalis, sulfates and other chemicals can crack, decompose, and otherwise deteriorate concrete.
  • Abrasion and Erosion: Traffic over the concrete surface will wear and tear the affected areas, leaving marks.
  • Overload and Impact: Traffic causes abrasion, but heavy traffic can crack the concrete, especially if installation was poorly done. Of course, high-pressure impact can also cause damage.
  • Surface Defects: Loss of support beneath concrete slabs can cause them to crumble. Shifting and settling soil is a common cause.

Concrete Repair Can Resolve Minor, Shallow Damage

As you now know, there are many threats to your concrete. There are also differing intensities of damage. For example, impact damage might cause a single crack, or it might shatter your concrete, leaving multiple deep cracks. The same applies to chemical damage. It can leave a small patch of damage or deform a majority of your concrete.

If the damage is isolated, minor, and shallow, then concrete repair can be enough to have you back on your way. For instance, small cracks about ¼ inch wide and ½ inch deep can be patched. Broken steps are also commonly repaired quickly. If there are multiple cracks or the cracks are deep, then you will need a more in-depth solution such as a concrete replacement or concrete resurfacing in Woodstock.

Concrete Replacement in Woodstock, GA

Concrete Resurfacing for Extensive Minor Damages

If the area of damaged concrete is too great, then resurfacing the concrete might be more cost-effective than targeting each damage with a repair. Our concrete resurfacing adds a new layer on top of the damaged concrete, making your old and tired concrete look like new again. At Artistic Concrete Designs, we even have a variety of coatings and sealants to add extra layers of protection. Our products provide improved resistance against impact, water damage, fire damage, chemical damage, slipping, or more. Call Artistic Concrete Designs to learn more about our resurfacing services and other products.

Replacements and Installations Available

Proper concrete installation in Woodstock is key if you want a long-lasting and durable concrete. Artistic Concrete Designs offers concrete replacement in Woodstock for severely damaged concrete. Our years of experience, talented concrete contractors, and advanced tools and equipment give us the ability to deliver quality concrete installations. Call now to plan your project and schedule a flexible appointment.

We Serve All Areas of Woodstock

If you live in Woodstock and have been rummaging through web results for “concrete contractors near me,” then you are at the right place. Artistic Concrete Designs is proud to serve all areas of Woodstock with reliable and affordable concrete repair, concrete resurfacing, concrete replacement, concrete installation, and more.

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