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Concrete Replacement In Roswell, GA

Ready to turn your old, rugged concrete flooring into a fresh, high-end flooring? The days of web-searching for concrete resurfacing near me are over. Go ahead and save our number in your phone because Artistic Concrete Designs is your leading Roswell concrete resurfacing professional. Call us today for a free estimate! Artistic Concrete Designs offer trusted concrete resurfacing, concrete driveway replacement, installation and demolition services in Roswell, GA and all nearby towns.  

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Artistic Concrete Designs has been in business in the metro Atlanta area for years. Our client base ranges from single family homeowners to business owners and large, multi-national prestigious brands. They all have one thing in common, though: they appreciate the professional care, skill, and pricing that we provide. Give us a call today to get to know us or continue navigating through our website to learn about our services. A quick summary of our services follows here.

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Concrete Resurfacing Is A Quick and Affordable Way to Refresh Your Flooring

Concrete naturally wears and tears over time. Foot traffic, rain, snow, and even power-washing leads to uneven ruggedness and fading. Concrete resurfacing in Roswell is an easy and affordable remedy for this. Concrete resurfacing is a process to clean, and overlay it with a new surface to return your concrete flooring to its glory days. Our concrete contractors are skilled and equipped to ensure that this process is quick and painless.

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Concrete is sturdy and lasts a long time, but what should you do when the foundation begins to settle, cracks form, and pesky weeds begin to sprout from between them? No one likes to return home to that eyesore of a driveway. Concrete installation are two of the first options that come to mind. A concrete driveway replacement is an option if you would like to completely renovate your property, but concrete repair is surely the cheaper and quicker fix. Our concrete contractors in Roswell can help you brainstorm and determine the best option for you.

Coat Your Concrete Flooring for Added Durability and Resistance 

Concrete used to be considered one of the sturdier flooring options, but scientists have engineered far better alternatives over the years. One of our popular options is concrete coating with epoxy. Epoxy is a chemically engineered mix that provides extra durability and resilience. This concrete coating provides resistance against scratches, chemicals, cracks, and more. These coatings are excellent for pool decks as they are slip-resistance and easy to clean. 


For a high-end look, consider topping your project off with some stamped concrete or polished concrete. Stamped concrete turns your plain concrete into patterned and textured flooring to resemble more expensive flooring such as bricks, wood, tiles, and stone. Stamped concrete is an excellent option for patios, driveways, pool decks, and even interior flooring. To add an extra elegance, try our polished concrete. Polished concrete is great for dark spaces such as garages and basements as its reflectivity can increase brightness by two or three times.

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