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Concrete vs Asphalt Driveway

Concrete vs Asphalt Driveway

Having a durable driveway is extremely important for homeowners. Many individuals understand why they need to upgrade their driveway but aren’t sure whether they should opt for concrete or asphalt. At Artistic Concrete Designs, we provide high quality residential and commercial concrete installation, repair and replacement services. Our team of specialists enjoy providing local Atlanta, Georgia area property owners with exceptional concrete flooring, driveways and outdoor spaces that are built to last. We want you to achieve the same great results for your home or commercial property. Here are the major differences between asphalt and concrete driveways, so you can make the choice that best fits your unique needs. 

Durability and Longevity
Some property owners choose asphalt driveways because of its initial cost. However, their vulnerability to damage from heavy vehicles and high foot traffic makes them more expensive to maintain long term. Most asphalt driveways will only last 20 years maximum if they are properly cared for. Concrete driveways can last 50 years or longer and can stand up to extreme weight and frequent use. 

One of the most exciting benefits of concrete driveways is their reduced maintenance needs. Concrete is easy to clean, and repairs are minimal due to its incredible strength. Asphalt driveways require the use of high powered hoses, specialty cleaners and a stiff bristle broom to clean. They also must be resealed every few years to maintain moisture resistance. 

Weather Resistance
Concrete performs exceptionally well in a variety of climates. From heavy rains to frequent exposure to direct sunlight, concrete driveways maintain their integrity even in areas with a lot of moisture. Asphalt on the other hand is made from a mixture that includes oils. Therefore, when exposed to excessive water or heat, the asphalt is likely to crack, which often undermines the longevity and integrity of the driveway. 

Design Options 
There’s a reason why asphalt driveways are often called a “blacktop”. Unfortunately, asphalt driveway options are very limited in terms of design and color options. Alternatively, concrete is extremely versatile and comes in an array of colors, patterns and textures that is sure to suit any design preference. 

Property Value
Since most home buyers are aware of the benefits of concrete over asphalt driveways, it can be an important factor to consider when making a purchase. For this reason, investing in a concrete driveway can be a great investment that will boost the overall property value of a home or commercial space. This makes concrete a perfect choice for anyone who plans on renting or selling their property in the future. 

Do You Need a Concrete Driveway Installation? Call Artistic Concrete Designs 
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