Does Concrete Leveling Really Work?

One of the main concerns for property owners with concrete installations is the concrete cracking and even sinking. In fact, that might be why you are at this page now. You might feel like a slab replacement is not the best option and want to learn about alternative options. Luckily, Artistic Concrete Designs has been around long enough to tell you that there are cost-effective repairs available for uneven, sunken, or cracked slabs. Many homeowners can be forgiven for never having heard about concrete leveling but it has been a successful method for concrete repair since the 1930s. So, does concrete leveling really work? In short, yes. For a more detailed answer, continue reading.

What Is Concrete Leveling?

Let us first dive into understanding the cause of your concrete damage. Your concrete slab was installed over an area of sturdy soil and left to cure and harden. Over time, you step on, drive on, or otherwise apply pressure on this concrete slab. Meanwhile, rain, insects, and other factors move and shake the soil underneath the concrete slab. When the soil underneath the concrete slab cannot support the concrete slab, the slab either cracks or sinks unevenly. Concrete leveling is a process to bring that concrete slab to its original level without having to replace the whole slab.

How Does It Work?

Concrete leveling, also known as slab jacking or mud jacking, is the process of returning uneven concrete slabs to their original position by propping it up from underneath. Small holes are drilled into the slab at targeted points where the slab is sinking. The finely crushed solution is pumped into the holes to fill the void created by erosion or soil compaction and the concrete slab begins to rise. After the slabs are returned to their original position, the injection holes are filled with caulk. All in all, it is a simple process that just requires the right equipment and expertise. Though it is potentially a DIY project, we advise that you have professionals handle it quickly and efficiently. Call concrete contractors at Artistic Concrete Designs if you would like to speak with a courteous professional today.

Concrete Leveling Is A Cost-Effective Repair

Broken up, sunken, and cracked concrete is unappealing to the eye, to say the least. They can also wear out your tires and prove to be a safety hazard if the edges are jutting out too much. The first thought that comes to many peoples’ minds is to break up the concrete and have it replaced with a new one. Though that is surely an option, it is time-consuming and expensive. Granted, replacing the concrete is a more affordable option than other flooring options, concrete leveling is the truly cost-effective route to go. Slabjacking typically costs 50 percent less than replacing the concrete and takes much less time: usually half a day as opposed to a few days.

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