Concrete Installation in Duluth, GA

For homeowners and property owners who want to maintain or even improve the value of their property, curb appeal is high priority. Landscaping and painting are crucial, but a crumbling or cracked driveway will diminish that value significantly. Though concrete is unbelievably durable and reliable, it is prone to a host of damages. If you are caught wondering whether to arrange a concrete repair, concrete resurfacing, or concrete replacement in Duluth, then this article is for you. The folks at Artistic Concrete Designs are always ready to deliver quality concrete services as well as helpful consultations. We also have a variety of products including sealants and coatings to add an extra layer of protection for your concrete installation in Duluth. Call Artistic Concrete Designs today to get in touch with a courteous representative.

The Many Threats to Your Concrete Installation

In a world where even diamonds can be destroyed, you cannot expect your concrete to last forever. It is true that concrete is incredibly durable, but it is by no means indestructible. In fact, there are many threats to your concrete, including but not limited to:

  • Corrosion of embedded metals
  • Freeze-thaw cycles
  • Chemicals
  • Abrasion and erosion
  • Overload and impact
  • Loss of underlying support

We won’t get into the details of each of these here, but the courteous representatives at Artistic Concrete Designs are happy to give you a rundown on these threats during a scheduled consultation. The fact of the matter is there is a lot to pay attention to when you care for your concrete.

Remain Proactive and Mindful

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, so keep up with your concrete maintenance if you want to avoid costly repairs, resurfacing, or replacements. Still, it is practically impossible to prevent all damage. Your next priority is to remain proactive and mindful, watching out for deterioration and acting quickly when you notice damage.
For example, patching up a small crack that is less than ¼ wide and ½ inch deep is a job you can handle even as a DIY project. You can also prevent chemical spills and other harmful liquids from severely damaging the concrete if you clean up quickly.

If you prefer to leave your concrete repair in Duluth to a reliable and experienced concrete company, then call Artistic Concrete Designs to get in touch with a live representative and schedule a flexible appointment. We can take care of cracked concrete, broken steps, and more minor damages in a jiffy!

Concrete Replacement in Duluth, GA

What to Do About Severe Damage

When cracks get wider than ¼ inch wide and ½ inch deep, when there are multiple cracks, or when the damage is otherwise extensive and severe, then a simple concrete repair might not be the feasible option. The more cost-effective and generally effective route would be with a concrete replacement or concrete resurfacing in Duluth.

If your driveway is covered in cracks, stains, delamination, abrasion, and other damage, then call Artistic Concrete designs for a fresh concrete driveway installation. We are also experienced, equipped, and prepared to handle a host of other concrete installations for residential and commercial properties alike.

Artistic Concrete Designs Handles All Things Concrete

If you live in Duluth and have been searching the web for “concrete contractors near me,” then you are at the right place. Artistic Concrete Designs is proud to serve all areas of Duluth with quality concrete repair, concrete resurfacing, concrete replacement, and concrete installation services. We even have a host of products including sealants and coatings to add an extra layer of protection for your concrete.

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