How do I Get a Smooth Finish on Concrete?

Concrete is a popular material for all sorts of flooring from driveways to business floors. Why? Because concrete is durable, cost-effective, and sustainable. However, one thing that property owners complain about is the look of their concrete. At Artistic Concrete Designs, we take pride in our technicians’ ability to get a spectacular smooth finish on concrete. In this article, we will help you learn how to get a smooth finish on your concrete. Remember, this requires patience, skill, and proper tools. If you prefer to have a trained and experienced concrete expert take care of it while you work on your competitive advantage, then call Artistic Concrete Designs to schedule your flexible appointment. Our friendly representatives are on standby to take your call.

Concrete Properties

Concrete consists of three main ingredients: water, aggregate (gravel, rocks, or sand), and cement. These ingredients combine to harden and form concrete, a highly versatile construction material. With correct placement, finishing, and curing techniques, your concrete will be smooth and durable, providing you with decades of service. Incorrectly installed concrete, however, can look unkempt and can crack easily. Finishing too late or too early can negatively affect the quality of your concrete. So, it is important that you do all of the required research and get the right tools before you start this project.


Though finishing concrete does not require a PhD, it does require some skill and some special tools. You will need a screed, darby, edger, magnesium float, grooving tool, and steel trowel. Be sure to wear protective clothing such as rubber gloves, safety goggles, and long clothes. The alkalinity of cement can be dangerous, chemically burning you just as acid would.
We won’t be going over the process of smoothing your concrete here, but there are plenty of articles online on how to do it yourself. It is a fairly straightforward process, granted you should read the article beforehand rather than read as you go. Get a solid understanding of the process before you start so that you do not make irreversible mistakes.


Concrete is durable on its own and the broom finish allows for a non-slip surface, but there are even better ways to reinforce your concrete. At Artistic Concrete Designs, we have a large variety of sealants and coatings available. These products provide added durability, slip resistance, and protection against spills, chemicals, and impact. We also have a range of colored epoxy coating to give your concrete flooring an aesthetic finish. Call Artistic Concrete Designs to learn about your options today.

Call the Concrete Professionals

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