How Do You Maintain Stamped Concrete?

Homeowners and business owners who appreciate the textures and patterns of high-end flooring material such as brick, slate, stone, and even wood but need something more affordable can go with stamped concrete. Artistic Concrete Designs has years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining stamped concrete, and we are happy to help our community extend the lifetime of their stamped concrete flooring. This article will go over some ways to maintain your stamped concrete and have it looking as good as new. If you have any specific questions for a qualified professional, then call Artistic Concrete Designs to consult with an expert.

Sweep and Clean Spills Quickly

If you spill oil, paint, or any other chemical on your stamped concrete, then be sure to clean it up as soon as possible. Allowing these spills to sit can trigger chemical reactions that will stain or even damage your stamped concrete. This is even the case with leaves, dirt, and other debris. Have you ever noticed those leaf-shaped stains on concrete floors? Those are from dead leaves that have been left in their place. Grab the broom and sweep them away as soon as you can if you want to prevent your stamped concrete from discoloring.


Stamped concrete can lose its fine textures with even a little bit of steady abrasion. Keep your stamped concrete looking fresh by avoiding scraping and abrasion. That means you should never drag sharp, metallic objects such as metal patio chairs or tables over the stamped concrete. Never shovel snow or ice off of your stamped concrete with a metal shovel either. These can scratch or chip the concrete. Also avoid deicers and salts. These acidic materials can breakdown the sealer and damage the concrete. We recommend environmentally safe deicers instead.


When you decide it’s time to wash your stamped concrete, we want you to remember to use low pressure. Use a garden hose to rinse your stamped concrete after a gentle cleaner. Be careful with pressure washers as they can tear away the fine textures and patterns on your concrete. In fact, protect your stamped concrete from constant exposure to water whenever you can.


At Artistic Concrete Designs, we have a host of sealers and coatings that can enhance the durability and sturdiness of your stamped concrete. These coatings can provide resistance against chemical spills, slippage, and even impact making them ideal for pool decks, patios, and garage floorings. Professionally installed epoxy coating can protect your concrete flooring from up to 20,000 PSI.
These sealers also make maintenance much easier. By covering the many pores in the concrete, sealers and coatings limit the staining due to trapped dirt and debris.


If you prefer to have experts take care of your stamped concrete’s maintenance, or if you would like to reseal your stamped concrete or schedule concrete repair services, then call Artistic Concrete Designs (770) 580-2700 or contact us online. Our friendly representatives are always ready to schedule your flexible appointment or answer any questions.