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How to Choose Ideal Concrete Patio?

How to Choose Ideal Concrete Patio?

Preparing for Your Patio Installation
When it comes to choosing and installing a patio there are a number of considerations you should make. Color, texture, style, number of furniture you need, the purpose for the patio, are few of those things that will determine the final patio you want. You should locate a local concrete contractor to choose the ideal patio for your home.

Types of Patios You Should Consider

The Living Room and Bistro Patio
The living room patio is the popular patio option for many. It can function as an indoor living room but outside of the main house. This patio will include the outdoor versions of the sofas, fireplace, and coffee tables just to mention a few. This patio type will also include the water features, wall seating, and the fire pit. Make sure you leave enough space in your living room patio for people to move around, and you should have a focal point for conversations. Place a Pergola or Gazebo on the top to shield it from excess rain and sun. You may also want to include some decorative pillars.
The Bistro patio is an option when you are short of space but still want a cozy outdoor patio area. The Bistro can contain a couple of chairs and a small table, just make sure it is large enough to function and small enough to fit into available space.

Other Types of Concrete Patio to Choose From

The Outdoor Dining Patio
This is another popular concrete patio but the intention is to create an outdoor dining area. This patio can be rectangular or rounded with some dedicated patio chairs and table. This patio option is different from the Bistro in the sense that it can seat the whole small family or group of friends, you need to space this patio in anticipation of how many people you want to host there.

The Sun-deck Patio

A sun deck patio can be created for the lounge chairs for sun tanning, or it can be a great addition to your swimming pool deck, You need to consider how many lounge chairs you will have alongside the size of chairs plus the walking space you want to include between the chairs and the pool in order to avoid accidental slips into the water. 

Choose the Color and Style Once you choose the right type of concrete patio, it is time to decide the color and style. You may want to consider a color that will blend into your landscape and you may want to consult Artistic Concrete Designs if you want a more fascinating artistic design including floral, grid and interior tile floor designs.

With patio material like the versatile concrete, you can just make your patio appear any way you like. You can stain and stamp to produce bold designs or enhance and the color of the concrete material. You may also include some stained borders along the edges to mimic materials like wood, tile or marble. Fortunately, Artistic Concrete Designs offers professionals who can help you make the most ideal designs for your concrete patio.