How to Keep Weeds Away from Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are popular for affordable but stylish flooring, indoors or out. The separation between each paver gives texture and pattern, but these lines between each stone can be a problem. Artistic Concrete Designs gets a lot of questions about weeds growing in these joints, for example. It is true that weeds can make their way into those areas, negatively affecting the aesthetic of the pavers and potentially damaging the floor as well. This article will go over some preventative measures that you can take to keep weeds out in the first place. For weeds that are already present, we will review some corrective measures. Call Artistic Concrete Designs if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to consult with a concrete specialist for any type of concrete resurfacing and concrete repair services in your area.


Prevention is the best cure, so follow these tips to avoid weed growth in the first place:

Regular Sweeping: Weeds do not just sprout randomly. It starts with a seed that makes its way into the crevices between pavers. Sweeping your pavers regularly will disrupt the seeds from rooting and also removes surface dirt, enhancing curb appeal.

Proper Installation: It might be too late for this, but if you haven’t started on your project, then keep this in mind. Your installers should make sure the sand bed is tightly packed and provides a solid foundation for the pavers.

Water Control: Weeds need water to grow, so making sure water does not stay stagnant is crucial. For instance, a proper slope can keep water running down slope and avoid providing weeds with sustenance to thrive.

If you have not already installed your concrete pavers, then be sure to choose professionals with experience and expertise. We hope you will call Artistic Concrete Designs to learn why homeowners and businesses of all sizes choose us for their installation and maintenance services.


If the weeds have already made your concrete pavers their home, then get started on corrective measures as soon as possible:

White Vinegar: There are a plethora of weed killing chemicals on the market today, but these chemicals can damage your concrete pavers. Instead, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and spray the cracks between the pavers. Let it sit and work its way down. Rinse away the vinegar after a few hours have passed.

Pressure Washing: This step will knock out two birds with one stone. Keep your pavers clean and remove weeds from crevices with an occasional pressure washing. Careful not to use the jet nozzle as this mode can etch the surface of the pavers.

Hands-On Method: If you are interested in throwing some stress, then get out there and try the classic method of removal. Reach for the lowest point of the weed’s stem and carefully pull the weed. You want to remove the entire plant including the roots. Roots that are not pulled out will just grow back.
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