How to Make Concrete

When it comes to pouring a large concrete slab, foundation or floor, then it is always best to hire a professional with the experience and training required to get the job done right. However, for smaller projects, most homeowners can mix their own concrete and achieve quality results. At Artistic Concrete Designs, we offer premium concrete services for property owners in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area including driveways, walkways, stamped concrete patios, concrete repair, foundation concrete installation and concrete flooring. Whether you want to make your own garden steppingstones or backyard planters, here are some general guidelines that can help make your next DIY project a success.


While the exact supplies needed will vary depending on the project, here is a list of common items to keep on hand:

  • Mixing Tub or Electric Mixer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Mason Hoe
  • Water Bucket
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Shovel
  • Safety Goggles
  • Concrete Colorants
  • 3000 PSI Concrete Mix Ratio

A 3000 PSI concrete mix is strong and durable for most projects. To create a mix that fits this model combine the following”

  • 517 pounds of cement
  • 1560 pounds of sand
  • 1600 pounds of stone
  • 32 to 34 gallons of water
  • 4000 PSI Concrete Mix Ratio

Some projects like pool decks, sidewalks, exterior patios or driveways need to be even more durable. In this case a 4000 PSI mixture is recommended, here is an updated list of ingredients:

  • 611 pounds of cement
  • 1450 pounds of sand
  • 1600 pounds of stone
  • 33 to 35 gallons of water
  • Calculating a Smaller Concrete Mix Ratio

Most backyard projects will require much less concrete than those mentioned above. If you only need a small amount for creating planters, firepits and other items than it is best to stick to a mix ratio of 1:2:3. This means use 1 part cement, 2 parts sand and 3 parts stone. Then adjust the water amount as needed for the desired consistency. While electric mixers are recommended for large scale needs, smaller concrete amounts can be mixed with buckets, shovels or wheelbarrows.


The internet is teeming with interesting projects to suit every homeowner. From backyard grills and accent tables to kitchen countertops, let your creativity flow. Concrete offers a beautiful modern industrial, minimalistic effect that can suit many different decorative needs. It is also durable, weather resistant and long lasting, making it an excellent choice for any outdoor space.

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While small concrete projects can be fun and challenging, a more extensive concrete installation needs to be completed by someone with hands-on experience and professional training. If you are interested in concrete flooring or want to install a large concrete slab or driveway, then let our team help turn your dream into a reality. We offer a wide selection of quality residential and commercial concrete services. We will work one on one to create a customized solution that fits your unique needs, style preferences and budget. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment with a concrete specialist in Atlanta, Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Cumming, Decatur, Lawrenceville, Smyrna, Georgia or a surrounding community.