How to Repair Cracked Concrete with Epoxy

Concrete is a great material for flooring and building due to its durability and sturdiness. However, it is susceptible to damage just like any other material. While concrete does not break up easily, it does crack over time. While coating the concrete and taking good care of it can increase its durability, there will eventually be a need cracked concrete replacement or repair. Artistic Concrete Designs offers a line of products and services to assist with cracked concrete. Large and severe cracks might require the help of a professional, but some cracks can be repaired with epoxy as a DIY project.

Common Causes of Cracked Concrete

While concrete can crack because of many reasons, there are three primary causes of cracked concrete:

Uneven Settling: Concrete is installed on soil that must be compacted tight and even enough to prevent uneven settling. If the soil was compacted improperly, then the concrete might settle in some areas and not others. This forces the concrete to sink, causing a crack.

The Elements: When temperatures are hot then they are cold, especially if they are extreme, the dirt under the concrete and particles within the concrete will expand and contract. Eventually, the lifting and shrinking of the concrete will result in cracking.

Shrinking: Professional concrete installation by professionals like Artistic Concrete Designs involves more than simply pouring concrete. Concrete shrinks when it dries. If the mixture was not properly made or cured, the concrete can shrink drastically when it shrinks, leading to cracks. Professional installations include expansion joints that are cut into the concrete to prevent this cracking.

As you can see, preventing these cracks are challenging though possible. Fortunately, there are many ways to repair such cracks. Experts at Artistic Concrete Designs can handle most cracks in less than several hours, and we also offer products for you to use to repair the crack yourself.

How to Repair the Crack Yourself

Self-sufficiency is great and Artistic Concrete Designs is supportive of self-help. While we recommend that professionals handle severe cracks, there are some cracks that can be handled as do-it-yourself projects.

First, you should undercut the edges of the crack to make sure the crack is bigger at the bottom than at the top. You can use a chisel or file for this.
Use a wire brush and vacuum to clear the crack of debris and anything loose. Wash the concrete and use strong cleaners to remove oil or grease on the area.

Insert concrete repair resin into the crack, fill some of the crack with dry silica sand, and top it off with more resin to fill the crack to the surface.

Allow the repair to dry for 15 minutes then smoothen the surface by scraping the area with a putty knife.

Not Satisfied with Your Repair?

Concrete can get messy. If you are not satisfied with your DIY project, then feel free to call the experts at Artistic Concrete Designs at (770) 580-2700 or contact us online.