How We Create Visually Interesting Walkways

The walkway to your building should present a warm, welcoming quality, leading guests to your doorstep. It should be well-lit, sturdy, symmetric, and overall appealing. At Artistic Concrete Designs, we mash together art and concrete to give our customers fascinating walkways in addition to other things. In this article, though, we will focus on how we create visually interesting walkways. If you have any specific questions or concerns, or if you are ready to consult with one of our friendly professionals, then feel free to contact Artistic Concrete Designs now. We are always looking for ways to help enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Professional Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete is a well-liked material for walkways because of its low-cost installation, low maintenance requirements, and incredible durability. It is not perfect, though. Even with proper care and timely maintenance, concrete can crack and its color – or what little color it has – can fade away, leaving you with an uber gray and degraded floor. Artistic Concrete Designs can give your walkway a fresh application of concrete to revitalize it. A concrete resurfacing is a quick and affordable way to make old look new. Call Artistic Concrete Designs to schedule a flexible appointment today.


Over time, concrete can sink into the ground as the underlying soil shifts around. This shifting can happen for a range of reasons. It might be that water from the rain, plumbing leaks, and even condensation makes its way under the concrete and slowly washes away the soil. As the soil diminishes, so does the support for the concrete. Or perhaps the soil was not tightly compacted during the concrete installation. Whatever the cause, the result is an uneven walkway. Artistic Concrete Designs can jack the concrete back into place with mud jacking. We do this by filling voids with a dense, limestone aggregate mixed with cement.


For a very long time, concrete was looked down upon due to its drab appearance. After all, it is just an even layer of gray flooring, right? Not necessarily. Modern tools and techniques allow Artistic Concrete Designs to help concrete compete with luxurious flooring options. Stamped concrete imitates the texture and patterns of top-tier flooring materials such as brick, slate, and even wood. The professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs can bring you both the low-cost, low-maintenance, and high durability of concrete and the aesthetic appeal of high-end flooring. Ask our friendly professional about our stamped concrete options or stop by our location to take a look at our portfolio.


Stamped concrete gives you patterns and texture, but what about the color? Artistic Concrete Designs has a host of epoxy coating options to give your walkway a dash of color. We have over 100 color options and are ready to make your dreams become reality. Stop by to explore your options. Plus, this epoxy coating gives your concrete an extra layer of durability. Professionally installed epoxy can withstand up to 20,000 PSI – great for garages and other areas that may experience high impact. If you have any questions about concrete or hardscaping projects please call us at (770) 580-2700 or contact us online.