Reasons Most DIY Concrete Patios Fail

Many homeowners and property owners like to take on Do-It-Yourself concrete projects for a variety of reasons. Some like to try new things, others want to bring their visions to life, and a few want to save money. Nothing is more disheartening than spending hours or days preparing for and executing an epic DIY project only to end up with a mess though. Save yourself the trouble, time, and money by calling Artistic Concrete Designs to hire a concrete contractor instead. We have years of experience installing concrete patios as well as fixing botched installations. In fact, this article will go over some reasons why most DIY concrete patios fail. We hope this helps.


You only have a limited amount of time to pour the concrete, so you must be sure you get the pour right the first time around. A common problem is that there is not enough concrete. If you are not masterful in selecting the right amount of each ingredient, then try to have more than enough. You can always get rid of the leftover concrete later, but too little concrete can ruin the elevation and usefulness of your project.


Concrete mixes only have a few ingredients, but that only means making concrete is sensitive to proportions and product quality. Altering the ratio of ingredients will affect the durability and sturdiness of the resulting concrete. Adjusting the contents is a crucial part of the building process. The foundation must be sturdier than a driveway, for instance, so you can’t just “eyeball” your mixture.
Plus, there are many types of some ingredients. Take cement as an example. There are over a dozen types of cement, each with their own special features. So, you will have to choose the cement that’s best for your project considering your local climate.


Concrete forms help keep concrete in the right “form.” A properly installed concrete form will be reinforced to make sure the concrete does not leak, bow, or move around too much during the curing process. Making the wrong measurements can alter the quality of your resulting concrete and risk concrete going overboard.
Building the concrete form is important, but so is removing the forms. You must wait until the concrete has fully cured and dried. Removing the concrete forms too soon can cause concrete to crack, sag, or collapse. This costly mistake will eat away at supplies and your time.

Want It Done Right the First Time Around?

If you are planning to build a patio, then you are probably someone who appreciates relaxing. Fixing a mistake with concrete is nowhere close to relaxing though. Whether you know concrete work is tough or whether you tried and ended up with a mess, the folks at Artistic Concrete Designs are ready to help.
Our concrete contractors have years of experience, receive regular training, and are equipped with quality tools and equipment. Why risk wasting your time and money on a DIY project when you can have Artistic Concrete Designs get the job done right the first time around? If you have any questions about concrete or hardscaping projects please call us at (770) 580-2700 or contact us online.