Reasons Stamped Decorative Concrete Is Better Than Pavers

Concrete flooring is a great, durable, and affordable option. However, bland concrete is easy to pass on when it comes to choosing flooring for your walkway, patio, driveway, and more. For those who value aesthetics, the options usually come down to pavers versus decorative concrete. Pavers are individually placed bricks, stones, or even concrete that come together for a visually appealing result. Stamped decorative concrete by the professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs achieves a similar look using concrete but with a continuous, sealed surface. So, what are the pros and cons of each, and which is the better option?

The Difference in Installation Costs

Paving stones require a lot of time for preparation and installation when compared to stamped concrete flooring. Generally, you will pay about $15 per square feet for a quality paving stone installation and a 1,000 square foot area will take about five days with a crew of four to five. The price of installing stamped concrete is usually lower and the installation time is a fraction of that of paving stones. However, while pavers are ready to use almost immediately after installation, concrete needs time to dry and cure, meaning the driveway or walkway cannot be used until the curing process is complete.


Pavers such as brick and natural stone have joints between each stone, meaning invasive weeds, mold, and moss can infiltrate and destroy those areas. Paver materials also readily absorb moisture, creating an issue with rust. Therefore, regular maintenance is required to keep these troubles at bay. Because pavers have sand in the joints, pressure washing can give you problems. Uneven sand can result in shifting or sinking stones, giving your flooring an uneven surface.

Decorative concrete flooring is continuously sealed but it can crack, leading to openings for the pests mentioned earlier. However, professional installers like those at Artistic Concrete Designs can place joints to minimize cracking from contraction and expansion. They can also seal your stamped concrete to provide extra durability against the elements. Regular sweeping and getting rid of spills immediately will prevent dirt buildup and stains.


Pavers are popular for their aesthetic appeal and the array of intricate designs available. However, their color options are limited and the more complex the design, the more expensive and time-consuming the installation will be. Decorative stamped concrete on the other hand offers a massive range of color and pattern options. Stamped concrete can imitate the look of brick, stone, and even wood. Because stamped concrete uses stencils, the installation time will not see drastic changes for more complex designs.

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