Reasons to Choose Decorative Concrete

Concrete is a long-lasting, durable, and affordable choice for both commercial and residential buildings. It outperforms wood as a construction material due to its resistance to rot, mildew, fires, pollen, and other airborne pollutants. With recent advancements in technology, concrete is now even competitive against more expensive options such as brick, stone, and flagstone. Decorative concrete combines the affordability and durability of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of more luxurious flooring options. Here are some reasons why Artistic Concrete Designs recommends considering decorative concrete for your home or business.

Customize Your Property for Unique Landscaping

A lot of home builders tend to build generic buildings that look like one another. Homeowners rightly want to add a special touch to their home with some personalizing. Decorative concrete is a phenomenal way to add a distinctive and unique appeal to your property and draw some extra eyes to your property. Whether you want to add a beautiful trim to your driveway or enhance your patio, poolside, or even garage, contact the professional concrete contractors at Artistic Concrete Designs to hear about some options.

Add Some Extra Durability and Practicality to Your Flooring

While concrete is naturally durable with an awe-inspiring service life of a hundred years, Artistic Concrete Design can lengthen and intensify that durability with a concrete coating. Chemically engineered coating called epoxy can provide hardness as well as resistance to abrasion, impact, chemicals, and even slippage. This is an outstanding option for industrial facilities, garages, warehouses, logistical centers, and other locations that are exposed to vehicle and foot traffic.

Concrete coating options for decorative concrete also provide a degree of reflectivity and shine great for adding brightness and a touch of luxury to naturally darker locations in your buildings. This can be a great option for clinics, hospitals, restaurants, and hotels as well as garages and basements. Call the professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs and ask about how you can improve the durability and practicality of your concrete flooring.


Concrete is a surprisingly malleable material that can be stamped to mimic more expensive building materials such as bricks, slate, stone, and even marble. Combining the affordability of concrete and the aesthetic beauty of these other expensive building materials gives you a cost-effective product. But decorative concrete is not limited to existing material.
Stained epoxy can give you the added durability mentioned earlier and turn your flooring into a totally unique piece of art. With our selection of over 100 color options, you have the ability to create an exclusive and inimitable floor that replicates some of nature’s most beautiful phenomena like wispy clouds, crashing waves, and even flowing lava. This flooring is sure to wow your guests, clients, and partners.

Ready to experience the flooring of the new decade? Call the concrete contractors at Artistic Concrete Design at (770) 580-2700 or contact us online to get started by reviewing our color options and taking a look at some of our previous works. We look forward to turning your property into the property of your dreams. You envision it and we will do our best to bring it to life!