Stamped Concrete in Alpharetta

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Alpharetta who is interested in renovating or upgrading the flooring, then consider stamped concrete. This modern option offers home and business owners the opportunity to be creative and enjoy intricate patterns and textures. The professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs provide premier stamped concrete installation as well as add-ons such as coatings and sealants. Call Artistic Concrete Designs or visit our location to see the many options for yourself. We are always happy to walk you through the process and help you make your decision.

What Is Stamped Concrete

Structurally, stamped concrete is the same as standard concrete. Therefore, it offers the superior durability, weather resistance, low maintenance, and affordability of concrete. The difference is in the details. Stamped concrete replicates the texture and patterns of more high-end flooring options such as slate, flagstone, fieldstone, brick, cobblestone, wood, and more. It is important that you hire experienced stampers if you want a truly clean result, however. Call Artistic Concrete Designs or come by our location to see some of our many works. You will not be disappointed.


The installation process for stamped concrete is simple and affordable. The materials are brought to your location and mixed on site. Concrete is poured and fashioned to give you attractive textures and patterns. This quick and easy process is a primary reason why stamped concrete is so much more affordable than pavers. Plus, because pavers are transported in their final form, you have a limited amount of time to change your mind. If the bricks or stones are on their way to your location, then it is probably too late to go with cobblestone or flagstone. You have much more flexibility when it comes to stamped concrete.


Stamped concrete in Alpharetta is a great option because it is easy to maintain. It is durable and long-lasting. The professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs even add to this durability and longevity by making minor tweaks. We create relief joints and give the concrete room to contract and expand, minimizing the risk of cracks and making cracks less noticeable. There are also sealants and coatings that make stamped concrete even more durable.


Artistic Concrete Designs offers a line of coating and sealant options to add reinforcement to your already durable concrete floors. Our products provide resistance against scratches, impact, chemical spills and more. Because they fill the many pores of concrete, they also make maintenance that much easier. Don’t break your back with intense scrubbing. Consider our special coatings and sealants so that a simple sweep or mop is enough to clean your flooring.


So, what are you waiting for? Call Artistic Concrete Designs now at (770) 580-2700 to schedule your flexible appointment or come by our location to consult with a friendly professional or contact us online. We can show you our portfolio of previous works that we completed for homeowners, businesses, and multi-national corporations. We are looking forward to meeting you.