Stamped Concrete vs Paver Patios

If you are looking to upgrade your patio flooring, then you have likely considered pavers and concrete. These two options rest on completely different parts of the spectrum when it comes to pricing and style, but modern techniques and technology have made them comparable. Stamped concrete by the folks at Artistic Concrete Designs boast patterns and styles that compete with the aesthetic of pavers. Continue reading to learn about the differences, and similarities, between stamped concrete and pavers for your patio. If you have any additional questions and concerns, or if you want to schedule a flexible, then call Artistic Concrete Designs to get in touch with a friendly representative.

What Is Stamped Concrete?

You already know concrete is built to last, able to go up to 100 years if installed and maintained properly. Stamped concrete is structurally identical to concrete as it uses the same materials. The difference is in the details. Stamped concrete imitates the texture and patterns of high-quality flooring options such as slate, flagstone, brick, cobblestone, wood, and more.

When you choose Artistic Concrete Designs, you can even enjoy unique patterns not available with pavers. Our technicians and contractors have the experience, training, and equipment to bring your creativity to life. Call Artistic Concrete Designs or stop by our location to see some of our previous work.


So, what are pavers? To be clear, there are pavers that are also made of concrete. Clay brick and natural stones are also used as pavers. These pieces are interlocked and installed to form various textures and patterns. Pavers include joints by design and are therefore strong and prone to cracking or breaking. In fact, they can be three to four times stronger than concrete slabs. Still, their labor-intensive process and expensive materials put pavers on the higher end of the price range.


It is difficult to tell you outright whether to get pavers or stamped concrete, but we can give you the pros and cons of each. The decision comes down to your preferences, circumstance, and needs.

Installation: Pavers usually take longer than concrete to prepare and install, but concrete has downtime after installation as concrete needs time to dry and cure.

Maintenance: Invasive weeds, mold, and moss can infiltrate through the joints between pavers and pressure washing can damage these joints. Concrete can crack, but Artistic Concrete Designs can place joints to minimize it. We also have sealants that protect stamped concrete from impact and the elements.

Aesthetics: There is not much you can do to alter the appearance of natural stone pavers, but stamped concrete allows a variety of patterns, colors, and textures.

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