Summer Concrete Care Tips

Concrete is a remarkably durable and long-lasting material, but it is not impermeable. Chemicals, spills, impact, and nature’s elements can take their toll on your concrete walkways, driveway, patio, garage, and so on. So, it is crucial that you take care of your concrete flooring throughout its lifespan if you want to see it last for the many decades that it is meant to last. Artistic Concrete Designs is a leader in the concrete service and installation industry in Atlanta and is happy to share concrete care tips with the community. This article will go over some summer concrete care tips. You can explore our other blogs and articles for more information or call our office and share your questions and concerns with a helpful professional.

Pouring & Curing Concrete in The Summertime

During the pouring and curing phase, concrete is highly sensitive to the temperature, humidity, and wind in its environment. Temperatures of over 90 degrees Fahrenheit can pose some serious issues for pouring concrete. In hot weather, the high temperature speeds up the chemical reactions that occur in the concrete. The scorching sun also evaporates the much-needed water in the mixture. Concrete usually sets as the cement sucks up the water. If concrete sets too fast, then it will not have enough time to grow strong and sturdy.
If you are pouring during the summer, consider starting early when temperatures are cooler. Don’t add extra water; too much water can also give you problems. Instead, diminish the effects of the sun by providing the area with shade. Set up a sunshade and/or windbreaker. If you would rather have the experts handle your concrete installation, then call Artistic Concrete Designs today to speak with a friendly representative.

Regular Care and Maintenance During the Summer

Compared to wooden decks or stone flooring, concrete requires very little maintenance and care. This does not mean you can ignore the concrete flooring completely though. A couple of maintenance items are applying sealer regularly and removing spills or stains quickly. Applying a concrete sealant will protect your concrete from spills, chemicals, and even impact. Remember to regularly re-apply sealants to keep the concrete sturdy. In the instances that you do have spills, be sure to clean those stains quickly if you want your concrete to remain fresh and good looking. Artistic Concrete Designs sells and installs a range of concrete sealants.


Concrete is sturdy but not indestructible. Winter and summer damage are common. Dealing with these damages sooner than later can save you from more costly concrete repairs or replacements later on. Deep cracks, advanced age, and sunken areas are just some of the common damages to concrete. Superficial and shallow cracks can be repaired but deeper cracks might force you to get a replacement. Sunken concrete is a sign of a weak foundation, the soil underneath. Call the concrete contractors at Artistic Concrete Designs as soon as you notice your concrete flooring is losing its form. Our professionals are always ready to help. If you have any questions about concrete or hardscaping projects please call us at (770) 580-2700 or contact us online.