Tips to Prepare for Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coatings have become all the rage in recent years as more people realize they can create distinctive and durable surfaces while protecting concrete floors from damage. These coatings are made up of an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener, which are mixed together prior to application and then applied over concrete surfaces.

To install epoxy floor coating, you’ll need to prepare your floor first. The distinctive appearance and durability of epoxy floors are based on application, so it’s important to prepare your floor the right way. If you apply epoxy floor coating on an improperly prepared surface, you’ll end up with peeling floors, moisture buildup underneath the coating, and a problem known as the “Fish Eye.”

At Artistic Concrete Designs, we’ve compiled tips that will help you prepare your concrete surface for epoxy floor coating.


This step is necessary to remove the top surface of the concrete floor, remove laitance and provide a profile that will facilitate the bonding of concrete with epoxy coating. Simply apply a diluted acid solution to your floor and work the acid solution using a scrubber or a stiff bristle broom. Before you acid etch your concrete surface, ensure there are no grease or oil stains on the surface.


The second step is to use a floor grinder to achieve a smooth concrete surface and remove surface contaminants. Be very careful when diamond grinding your concrete surface because you could injure yourself or damage the floor if you do it wrongly. Alternatively, you can use shot blasting to flatten out the surface before applying an epoxy coating. Shot blasting involves using a specialized machine that propels abrasive material against a surface to remove debris and stains on a concrete surface. This process requires some experience, so if you’re not experienced in shot blasting, call reliable concrete contractors for assistance.


Use an industrial vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust particles on your floor. If you apply epoxy floor coating on a surface full of debris and dust particles, it could impact the durability of your epoxy floor.


Once you’ve removed all the debris and dust, prime the surface to provide a proper base for epoxy coating and eliminate bubbles. Applying epoxy primer also helps to extend the lifespan of your epoxy floor. If your concrete floor has imperfections like cracks and holes, apply epoxy grout to seal the cracks and holes, and improve the anchoring of the grout during application.

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