Ways Concrete Is Getting Better

Concrete is an age-old material for construction, preferred for its simplicity, durability, and low maintenance. However, concrete was not as developed as it is today, and it continues to improve. At Artistic Concrete Designs, we have witnessed and explored the evolution of concrete into its current condition. We would like to share with you some ways that concrete is getting better and competing with higher-end building materials at a lower cost. If you would like to see our concrete products and concrete replacement and repair services for yourself, call Artistic Concrete Designs or come visit our location today.

Quick Drying Concrete

Concrete drying time is crucial in the scheduling of construction projects. Shortening this time can save valuable time. The time it takes for concrete to dry depends on some variables such as humidity, installation quality, and temperature. The drying time can also be affected by the components in the mixture. There are products such as Aridus, a ready-mix concrete that eliminates moisture issues and related moisture mitigation systems. Another solution for quick concrete drying is polyaspartic coating. This coating protects the concrete installation from high humidity and low temperatures, allowing the concrete to cure faster. It also offers an added layer of resistance.

Better Insulation

Quality insulation offers energy efficiency and saves you money on cooling and heating costs. As a major criterion in construction, insulation has been heavily researched, and products have entered the market. Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) are polystyrene blocks or planks designed to be installed within the wall structure. They generally provide about two inches of insulation on both sides of the concrete wall. There are also thermal insulation systems. In this technique, polystyrene foam is poured within the wall before the concrete pour. The foam is removed once the concrete is cured.


No, we do not mean that concrete is turning green. Granted, Artistic Concrete Designs does offer over 100 colored coatings for concrete. By “going green” we mean eco-friendly. There are concrete mixtures on the market that use a high percentage of recycled material. Concrete is pretty harmful for the environment in its normal condition, so these eco-friendly alternatives help offset some of that pollution.


Hemp is an extremely versatile material used for a wide range of purposes. “Hemcrete” is a light concrete made of hemp bonders. It allows breathability, vapor permeability, and good insulation. This product has variable drying times, but they do come in pre-made pre-dried panels.


Imagine combining the sturdiness of concrete with the lighting of glass. Light-transmitting concrete is translucent and allows light through the material. They contain thousands of optical fiber strands placed in the concrete made of fine materials. They are especially useful for enhancing safety in subway stations and dark areas.


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