When Should I Get Concrete Installation?

Once you’ve decided to undertake a concrete project, the next decision you’ll have to make is the ideal time of the year to get the project done. Many concrete surfaces in homes deteriorate quickly because they’re installed at the wrong time of the year.

The key to pouring durable concrete is choosing the right time of the year to undertake the project. Bad timing can result in a weak concrete surface that won’t last long. Temperature plays a role in the solidness and evenness of concrete.

If you don’t have experience in concrete installation, it’s advisable to hire a reliable concrete company to help you with the project. An experienced concrete contractor knows the right time of the year for concrete installation and how to pour the concrete.

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So what’s the right time of the year to install concrete?

Fall is the most ideal time of the year to install concrete. During fall, daytime is fairly warm while nighttime temperatures are above freezing point. This weather provides optimal conditions for curing concrete.

Winter is not the ideal season to install concrete because the extremely cold weather can trigger water content in the concrete to freeze, thereby increasing chances of cracking. In hot weather, the top layer is more likely to dry faster than the bottom layers, resulting in a shaky concrete surface and other internal problems. Furthermore, hot weather prompts concrete to set much faster, which makes it difficult to achieve a smooth and strong finish. When concrete dries too fast, it loses workability and consistency. In some cases, scorching weather causes the concrete to become chalky, which can result in a weak surface. To achieve a durable concrete surface, ensure you lay concrete during fall and spring. The ideal temperature to pour concrete ranges from 50° – 80°F.

If you have to undertake a concrete project during winter or summer, your concrete contractor should take extra precautions to make sure the concrete cures the right way. For example, if you must pour concrete on a hot day, it’s advisable to pour the concrete in the morning hours and keep it wet to prevent it from drying too quickly.

While it’s not ideal to lay concrete in scorching weather, a reliable contractor can take various measures to undertake the project on hot summer days without risking the concrete’s structural integrity. An experienced contractor knows the most effective ways to cure concrete during hot summer days.

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