When to Replace Concrete Driveway

Many people choose concrete for their driveway because it is an affordable and durable option. Like all things, however, concrete driveways must eventually be replaced. After some time, the damage to the concrete driveway is not worth repairing. Artistic Concrete Designs has years of experience dealing with concrete. Though there is no specific timeframe that you should replace your driveway, there are signs that show your driveway is better replaced than repaired. If you are ready to have your concrete driveway replaced, then call the professionals at Artistic Concrete Designs for expert workmanship. If you are unsure, then continue reading to learn about signs that it is time for concrete driveway replacement.

Large Cracks

Cracks are the most common issue with concrete driveways. It is a natural result that is almost impossible to avoid though you can add sealants and take preventative measures to lower the likelihood of your driveway cracking. Gas, oil, de-icing salts, and other chemicals penetrate the driveway and result in cracks. Colder climates especially increase the chances of cracking as water enters crevices and expands when frozen, cracking the driveway.
Though small cracks are not a problem and can be repaired fairly easily, larger cracks that are about half an inch wide can pose serious risks. Driving and parking over these cracks will extend the damage further, resulting in an uneven driveway. At this point, a repair is not feasible. It is better to have a replacement.

Missing Chunks and Potholes

Cracks are mostly just unappealing but potholes and missing chunks can damage vehicles. Driving over potholes and missing chunks can wear away at tires and even damage suspension systems. As with cracks, potholes and missing chunks can be repaired but if there are too many, then it is best to get a concrete replacement. Also, repairing patches will give your driveway a patchy look with light spots scattered around.


The condition of your concrete driveway depends heavily on the soil underneath it. If that layer sinks or shifts around, then you will experience sunken areas in your concrete driveway. Excessive drops in level will lead to great cracks and even render the driveway useless. There are methods for repairing sunken areas if caught early on. If the damage is extensive, though, you will likely need to replace the concrete driveway.


Concrete is designed to last up to 25 or 30 years. Areas with extreme temperatures will lower that expected lifespan as harsh heat and cold expand and contract the concrete, damaging it. After some time, concrete begins to fade in color and spills begin to accumulate, giving your concrete an unappealing look. When your concrete driveway has reached the second decade of its life, it is probably time to consider a replacement.

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