When to Replace Your Driveway in Atlanta

A driveway plays many roles in a home or business. It provides extra parking for vehicles, improves a property’s curb appeal, and adds value to your property. However, the driveway is one of the most overlooked areas of a home. Many property owners in Atlanta do not give their driveways the attention they deserve until they become dilapidated or become a safety hazard. If you’ve installed a driveway in your Atlanta home or business, you should know when to replace it and improve your property’s curb appeal. Driveway replacement in Atlanta updates your property’s aesthetic appeal, enhances safety, and increases the value of your property. That said, let’s look at how you’ll know if your driveway needs to be replaced.

Signs That Your Driveway Needs Replacement


Cracks develop on a driveway as the concrete ages and weather takes its toll. The heavy weight of vehicles may cause the cracks to continue widening, leading to bigger problems down the road. While minor cracks can be sealed, deep cracks signify the need for a driveway replacement. It’s a good idea to call a concrete contractor to evaluate the condition of the driveway and advise you accordingly.


Once your driveway begins to develop potholes, you may want to replace it right away. Small and large holes are indicative of a failing concrete driveway. These holes can cause damage to your car, make your driveway look unsightly, and contribute to further damage by allowing water to sit and puddle on the driveway.


Concrete driveways are designed to last up to 30 years, depending on maintenance routine, weather conditions, and other factors. In areas with harsh elements, concrete driveways tend to deteriorate much faster. If your driveway starts to show signs of wear and tear, and it’s nearing the end of its lifespan, it’s a good idea to replace it instead of repairs.


Excessive driveway repairs only indicate that there’s a deeper structural problem that requires a lasting solution. If you’re ever repairing your driveway, just replace it entirely and save money on repairs.


A driveway should naturally drain water so that it doesn’t pool in certain spots or run down the middle of the driveway. If you notice pools of water in multiple spots, that’s a sign of structural deterioration, unevenness, and improper sloping. If left unaddressed, drainage issues can cause further structural problems. It’s a good idea to call concrete contractors in Atlanta to replace the driveway.


Just like other areas of a home, your driveway will experience general wear and tear over time. Years of weathering will make it look faded, weak, and susceptible to damages. If your driveway reaches a point where it gives off a rough look despite applying concrete sealant, it may be time to replace it.

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